Tales From The Tour: Three Minnesota musicians recount travels around the world

Travel can be enough of an adventure on personal vacations. But when you need to tour for a living, there’s even more at stake. Laughing while they remember language barriers and culture shock, three Minnesotan musicians share the ups and downs of life on the road. Sims In 2014, I played 10 shows in the … [ Read more]

Weekend Events Preview 4/3–4/6

It’s Thursday and you know what that means… The Weekend Events Preview is here to protect you from a spring snow storm and provide you with plenty of fun weekend activities. Expand your brain at the Science Museum’s Fermentational Informational or join a discussion on women in the craft beer industry at the Minnesota Museum … [ Read more]

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The Growler and Chowgirls present THRIVE: Sustainability Sessions

THRIVE: Sustainability Sessions brings together local minds to explore sustainable living in Minnesota While many recognize Minnesota’s growing reputation for sustainability after being named in the top ten most LEED-certified construction projects per capita in 2013 and with the state’s largest-ever solar energy project moving forward, Minnesota is also making strides in food production and consumption, brewing, … [ Read more]

Style and Substance with Jeremy Messersmith

Notables at the Nomad with Dessa and Musician Jeremy Messersmith By Dessa Photos by Aaron Davidson Each issue, Dessa sits down at the Nomad World Pub with a notable Minnesota figure. This issue, she chatted with the man, “…widely regarded as one of the best songwriters in the Twin Cities.” In his press photos, Jeremy … [ Read more]

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Flipping It on Dessa

Notables at the Nomad Puts Dessa in the Hot Seat By Gabriel Douglas Photography by Brian Kaufenberg Dessa. She is an artist. She is a wordsmith. She is in a hip-hop collective called Doomtree. She hosts a TPT & MN Original TV show called The Lowertown Line. She’s into hoop earrings. She’s reading poets you will learn … [ Read more]

Dessa Dishes with Chef Alex Roberts

Photos by Stacy Schwartz There are few professions in which a trim physique could be considered a liability. Alex Roberts is a clear-eyed, dark-haired chef who looks like a Crossfit devotee (which he is). During Obama’s first presidential run, Roberts’ soul food restaurant Brasa, was a regular destination for the campaign volunteers. Stately older black … [ Read more]

Chris Kluwe Fields Some Questions

Notables at The Nomad with Dessa and Vikings’ punter Chris Kluwe. According to the New York Times, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is “the most interesting man in the NFL.” The press is magnetized to him, usually portraying him as the guy who violates our every expectation of a pro athlete. He’s a gay rights advocate; … [ Read more]

Going Native with Steve Marsh: Secrets, Vanity and the Irrepressible Truth

Notables at the Nomad with Dessa By Dessa Each issue, Dessa will sit down for beers at the Nomad World Pub with one guest of her choosing. For this issue, she chatted with Steve Marsh, a Minneapolis-based writer whose work has appeared in Grantland, GQ, and Mpls.St Paul Magazine, among others. Steve is in his … [ Read more]

Chatting Up Mayors R.T. Rybak and Chris Coleman

Notables at the Nomad with Dessa by Dessa Each issue, Dessa will sit down at the Nomad World Pub with guests of her choosing. For this issue, she chatted with the mayors of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. People who are often interviewed develop particular and recognizable habits. They’ve already told their best stories, hundreds of … [ Read more]