Farmhouse Ale-Braised Rabbit and Wild Acres Lemon Fried Chicken

Farm to table recipes presented by Dinner on the Farm.  Recipe by TJ Rawitzer The Tiny Diner and Farm is a little collaboration between farm and diner counter. We believe it’s the little things that count, so we create small-scale menu items with fruits and vegetables, filling people with good food while doing good stuff like … [ Read more]

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Locally Grown: Dinner on the Farm Takes Their Farm Dinners International

The Twin Cities based business will partner with Brooklyn Brewery to Host Farm-to-Table Dinners in 12 American and European Cities in 2014 The Minnesota-grown business—and Growler Magazine contributors—Dinner on the Farm have announced a partnership with Brooklyn Brewery to present a series of farm dinners that will kick off each stop on the Brooklyn Brewery Mash … [ Read more]

Campfire Cooking: Streamside with The Wild Chef

A “Stream to Table” recipe, presented by Dinner on the Farm By Jonathan Miles, The Wild Chef The adventurous eaters who dine with us in the farm fields all summer long may be getting a case of cabin fever right about now. Not only are we pining for warmer weather, but also the local food … [ Read more]

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Pickled Vegetables, Rose & Raspberry Beets, and Greens with Miso Dressing & Toasted Almonds

By Jenny Breen Photos courtesy of Mill City Times Dinner on the Farm is back with three more Farm to Table ideas. “The flavorful space between fresh and rotten” is how Sandor Katz, fermentation expert and author of The Art of Fermentation, describes it. While it may seem like fermenting food might be an obscure skill … [ Read more]

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Come “Meet the Growler” at Saturday’s Summer Beer Dabbler

St. Paul’s favorite summer beer fest has a new location.   Come join us in sunny St. Paul for the 5th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler.     Saturday, July 20th 1 – 5 PM (Gates at 12:30pm; Beer Pours at 1pm).   Event Details at the bottom of this page…   We will have a special … [ Read more]

Moroccan Venison Sausage & Indeed Brewing Company’s L.S.D.

A Farm to Table Recipe Presented by Dinner on the Farm By Dan Stepaniak and Chad Townsend of Heartland Restaurant and Farm Direct Market Summer is approaching, and there’s no better way to celebrate than dusting off the grill, firing up the charcoal and throwing on some fresh sausages. At Heartland Restaurant and Farm Direct … [ Read more]

Shepherd Song Goat Meatballs with Belgian Carrot Soup & Furthermore’s Fatty Boombalatty

A Farm to Table Recipe Presented by Dinner on the Farm Recipe by Chef Sarah Master, Barbette Photos by Aaron Davidson Shepherd Song Farm raises 100% grass-fed lamb and goat meat on the meadows of Wisconsin. The cool northern summers of the upper Midwest result in outstanding pastures that produce premium, lean lamb and goat in … [ Read more]

Beer Braised Rabbit & Town Hall Brewery’s Dortmunder Local Export Lager

A Farm to Table Recipe Presented by Dinner on the Farm adapted by Khaiti French of L.T.D. Farm from the “Joy of Cooking” by Rombauer and Becker Rabbit meat is one of the most healthy & sustainable local meat choices. Rabbit meat is an eco-friendly option, as pastured rabbit produces meat from a grass-based diet, … [ Read more]

Duck Breast with Mapled Winter Squash & Harriet Brewing Company’s Divine Oculust

A Farm to Table Recipe Presented by Dinner on the Farm Recipe by Marshall Paulsen, Birchwood Cafe Winter is upon us. Embracing the flavors and special ingredients of this season is not only a delicious way to enjoy a meal, it also helps support local farms throughout the cold months, when their fields are covered with snow. … [ Read more]

Marinated Pork Shoulder “Bo Ssam” & Fulton’s Sweet Child of Vine IPA

A Farm to Table Recipe Presented by Dinner on the Farm Recipes by Matt Sprague, Restaurant Alma Marinated Pork Shoulder “Bo Ssam” (or korean style pork lettuce wraps) w/ Bibb Lettuce, Sweet Cucumbers, Kim Chi, and Fried Garlic Generously serves 8-10 adults. Pork: One 8-10 lb. bone-in pork shoulder Marinade Ingredients: 1 c. apple juice 1 … [ Read more]

Curry Diva Salad with Grilled Shepherd’s Song Lamb & Boom Island Brewing Company’s Thoprock IPA

One Chef, One Farm, One Beer By Monica Walch, Dinner On The Farm You can’t get much closer to your food than having dinner on the farm. These events are affordable and family-friendly, allowing access to all who are interested in learning where their food comes from. On top of that, a portion of the … [ Read more]