The Great Debate: Craft Breweries Must Band Together Or Die

Illustration by Will Dinski There are now over 8,000 breweries in America. This renaissance of beer brewing has created jobs, revitalized real estate, and developed its own subculture. But with the market growing ever-more concentrated, thousands of quasi-profitable small businesses are nervously wondering which way the wind is blowing. Multinational companies have made a point … [ Read more]

Brewery offers ‘paw-ternity’ leave to employees with new dogs

Being a new puppy parent can be ruff, as you try to juggle work while buying food, training the pooch, taking time for walks, and a lot of other doggie duties. And that’s why BrewDog—a Scottish brewery with a Columbus, Ohio, location scheduled to open later this year—now offers a full week of paid leave for … [ Read more]

On Point: Willow Creek Kennels trains German Shorthair Pointers to be Master Hunters

Fall is a busy time in the North. There are Oktoberfests to be enjoyed, autumn hikes to traverse, changing leaves to be admired, and—as hunting seasons open—blaze orange to be donned. Many of us are not alone when we answer the call of the great outdoors, stepping out into the woods and prairies. There by … [ Read more]

Drinking Buddies

From beer stores to bars to dog-friendly events—a rundown of the best places in the Twin Cities for drinking with your dog. Being man’s best friend in this era is a tall order. Not only do our dogs have to snuggle up in our beds and chomp down on gourmet biscuits, but they also have … [ Read more]

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