Keepsake Cidery and Toastie Farm OPEN Weekends

Get off the beaten path and visit Keepsake Cidery’s orchard, cider house, and toastie farm in Dundas, MN. Just a short drive from the Twin Cities and Rochester, Keepsake Cidery offers a unique experience for the whole family. Hard cider, kombucha, and pops to drink with local sourced, house made grilled cheese and rotating seasonal … [ Read more]

Keepsakes of a Season: The homegrown ciders of Nate Watters and Tracy Jonkman

See? Not every apple is created equal,” Nate Watters says before launching into a story about the “spitter” apples he just had me try. I quickly grasp his point—their flavor is horrible for eating, and I promptly and predictably eject from my mouth the small bite I’d taken, just as Nate knew I would. “The … [ Read more]