Now Open: Outstate Brewing Company in Fergus Falls

There was a time when the term “outstate” carried an offensive connotation around Fergus Falls, Minnesota, with some residents even campaigning to get people to stop using the term. So when co-founders Dan Mohagen and Patrick Lundberg decided to name their brewery Outstate Brewing Company, it created some buzz around town. “When we explain [the … [ Read more]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Fergus Brewing Co. in Fergus Falls

Mounted on the northernmost wall of the brewing space, Saint Arnold of Metz presides over the final preparations at the nearly-opened Fergus Brewing Co. “He’s the patron saint of brewers,” shares head brewer Andy Beck. “He watches over me when I brew. He got a lot of people to drink beer instead of the contaminated … [ Read more]