Matt Osterman’s “Hover” is a Heartland Horror story

Drones are as accessible as iPhones these days. Anyone can get their hands on one—to take videos, race, or simply enjoy as a toy. Minnesota filmmaker and director Matt Osterman’s latest work, “Hover,” takes this technological phenomena one step further and explores a not-too-distant future where drones are used for a more sinister purpose. Osterman, 40, … [ Read more]

The Trylon Cinema: Minneapolis’ hidden hope for eccentric and repertory film

J ohn Moret’s position as the Trylon Cinema’s film programmer fits him like an old roll of 35mm film fits into an antique projector. The cinephile grew up watching a movie nearly every day and eventually went on to run the Landmark Lagoon Cinema from 2006 to 2015, where he also got his start. His … [ Read more]

Back on the Beat: ‘Super Troopers 2’ director Jay Chandrasekhar talks crowdsourcing, cult status, and chugging

Mac, Thorny, Foster, Rabbit, and Farva are back in action and find themselves smack dab in the middle of an international border dispute between the U.S. and Canada. When the town of St. Georges Du Laurent, Quebec, becomes a part of America due to a surveying error, the Super Troopers are called in to set … [ Read more]

Craft Culture: Preserving the magic of motion pictures with Bob DeFlores

When the lights in the room dim and the silver screen lights up, Bob DeFlores doesn’t watch the animated characters that spring to life. As the old film starts to run, he turns his attention toward the hundreds of people sitting in plush theater seats before him. He stares at each face in turn, gauging … [ Read more]

Snowbate: The vital program keeping filmmaking alive in Minnesota

In his first scene in the film “I am Not a Serial Killer,” Minnesota actor Tim Russell, playing Olson the Barber, encounters a character played by Christopher Lloyd who asks Olson to dance with his wife. Lloyd’s character is happily married; however, he needs new body parts to continue his 600-year existence. Russell’s character is … [ Read more]

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New documentary on California craft beer follows 80 breweries in one month

California—the land of sunshine craft beer. With 518 breweries operating at the end of 2015, California ranks number one in breweries, number one in annual economic impact ($6.887 billion), and number two in amount of beer produced. California is so synonymous with craft beer these days it’s a wonder they haven’t changed their slogan to … [ Read more]

New documentary explores the biology of stress and the science of hope

This Wednesday and Thursday, documentary filmmaker James Redford, son of film star Robert Redford, will be in Minneapolis and Rochester to support his new movie about the chain of devastation caused by childhood stress, “Resilience.” Presented by the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, Redford’s new work will screen at St. Anthony Main on Wednesday, April … [ Read more]

MSP International Film Fest celebrates 35 years of movie magic

Eric Wilson has one goal: to reach as many people as possible through the art of film. Wilson has been the director of the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF) since 2010. Since then, the festival has nearly doubled in annual attendance. Last year’s total clocked in around 42,000 moviegoers, making it one of … [ Read more]

Minnesota 13 documentary to debut at MSPIFF

The grain that made Minnesota moonshine famous is getting its night on the red carpet. Minnesota 13: From Grain To Glass will debut at the 35th Annual Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF). The filmmakers describe the documentary as a “film that explores the little-known story of an elite moonshine produced in the heart of Minnesota during Prohibition, … [ Read more]

MSP International Film Festival marks 35th anniversary with 250+ films from 71 countries

The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, announced its full slate of films for the festival, which runs April 7–April 23. This year’s lineup includes more than 250 films—more than 160 features and more than 90 shorts—representing 71 countries. The festival’s opening night presentation will be revealed later … [ Read more]

Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival announces new series, special events

The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF) announced a new series, called “Tribute,” to honor important international film figures today via press release. “We wanted to make our 35th anniversary something special, so we’ve created this new Tribute series to pay homage to the luminaries that make world cinema great,” said Susan Smoluchowski, executive … [ Read more]

2016 MSP International Film Fest bigger, better than ever

The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF) turns 35 this spring, and its impressive plans for celebrating show that some things do get better with age. MSPIFF is the largest premier film event in the region and one of the longest-running film festivals in the nation. It has traditionally been held at the St. Anthony Main Theatre, but this … [ Read more]

Arts MN: Blooms of Summer

Summer is in full swing and so too are all things that bloom. Therefore, it’s only fitting that you get out of the house this week to enjoy the sunshine, as well as the scents and sounds of summer, and to attend the events featured below. The events were all chosen because they represent or … [ Read more]

Sound Unseen 14: 5 Days of Films / Art / Music

Sound Unseen, The “Best Winter Film Festival” in Minnesota, is gearing up for their 14th annual “films-on-music and art festival,” November 13-17, 2013. In its 14th year, Sound Unseen has continued to broaden their horizons. This year the group partnered with Dinner on the Farm to produce a series of local food focused “Cine-feasts” and has … [ Read more]

‘Crafting a Nation’ with The Better Beer Society

  Crafting a Nation is teaming up with the Minnesota-based Better Beer Society — a Twin Cities based organization dedicated to the education, growth and awareness of craft beer —  for the Minnesota Premiere of their documentary on “American craft beer and the economic revitalization of small business.” The Minneapolis debut of Crafting a Nation will be July 27th, … [ Read more]