Wal-Mart now selling “ugly” produce

In our Conservation Issue, we outlined a few ways you can help reduce food waste. One is to get produce via farmers markets and CSAs, which accept a greater degree of cosmetically damaged, though still entirely edible and nutritious, fruits and vegetables. This “ugly” produce is otherwise rejected from most major supermarkets, thrown into landfills, and … [ Read more]

Chefs take to the Capitol to tackle food waste

Today, national food policy organization, Food Policy Action Education Fund (FPA-EF) and its co-founder chef Tom Colicchio are walking the halls of Congress to educate lawmakers on food waste reduction. Advocates will use data and insights from Rethink Food Waste Through Economics and Data’s (ReFED) Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste, released in March, to push for common sense … [ Read more]

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency offering big grants to breweries to reduce waste

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is currently offering grants for food waste reduction and toxic chemical use reduction at Minnesota breweries. Grants up to $75,000 are available to minimize food waste, such as diverting spent grain that otherwise would be managed as solid waste. Another $40,000 is available for alternatives to sanitizers and cleaners … [ Read more]

Whole Foods to test sales of ‘Ugly Foods’

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, Whole Foods is hoping to make the case that beauty is superficial—it’s the taste on the inside that really counts. According to a report by NPR, the announcement comes after a Change.org petition called upon the retailer to take up the cause of cutting food waste by stocking less-than-perfect fruits and veggies. The Growler’s John … [ Read more]

What can the average person do about food waste?

Human beings eat only half of all the food we grow. The United States alone wastes over 100 billion pounds of edible food each year; that’s around $161 billion worth. We cast off crooked carrots, we’ve banished the idea of seasonality, and we buy things only to forget them until they rot. This squandered surplus … [ Read more]

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