Minnesota Spoon: Beyond barbecue—Thomas Boemer’s expansive vision for cooking with fire

Chef Thomas Boemer’s eyes are watering. He’s standing in front of an improvised outdoor kitchen, made up of a cinder block fire well, with a steel-mesh grate laid across it for a cooktop, and a two-course block wall stacked on top of that for a windbreak. It is so rough-hewn and brawny looking as to … [ Read more]

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Recipe: Thomas Boemer’s Turtle Soup

In December, Thomas Boemer invited Minnesota Spoon’s Steve Hoffman to witness him work magic over a makeshift outdoor wood-fire stove, which is serving as the de facto test kitchen for Boemer and business partner Nick Rancone’s new restaurant concept in the Keg & Case Market. Over open flames, Boemer prepared Lake Superior herring fillet, pork … [ Read more]

2017 Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Readers’ Choice Award Winners

Readers, hold on to your hats, for it is time to announce the winners of the 2017 Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Readers’ Choice Awards. These are the best of the best in beers, spirits, food, and culture around the great state of Minnesota. Our readers have cast their votes and now it’s time to see where Growler nation … [ Read more]

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Minnesota Spoon: The culinary languages of Adam Eaton

Developing the dishes for a new restaurant menu is a little bit like giving birth. There is the initial joyful conception. There is a long and sometimes painful gestation period, and there is the final delivery into the world of something that is both part of its creator, and that will ultimately have to interact … [ Read more]

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Beat Bobby Flay Premier with Chef Mike DeCamp

Join us for the “Beat Bobby Flay” show premiering November 2 at 9pm at Constantine. Arrive early, and don’t miss the start of the show. “Ain’t that Dandy”:  Actor Ben Feldman and The Kitchen’s Katie Lee are ready for some action. They’re bringing in jack-of-all-trades Jason Dady and Italian master Michael DeCamp to compete for … [ Read more]

Minnesota Spoon: Bibimbap, Urban Roots, and Eddie Wu

We live in a world saturated by the pursuit of brand and audience. Social media has turned us all into intimate personal entrepreneurs marketing the product of our curated selves. We present to the world evidence that we lead enviable lives, and that we command a following, more or less loyal, that is supposed to … [ Read more]

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From Eat Streets to Food Deserts: Nonprofits aim to fix a broken food system in the Twin Cities

A thriving, nationally recognized food scene is one part of living in the Twin Cities. So is the troubling existence of food deserts in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. We’re surrounded by fertile farmland. We’re a recognized destination for creative chefs and adventurous diners. Yet while it may seem that the Twin Cities would be a place that feeds all … [ Read more]

PHOTOS: First taste of food options at U.S. Bank Stadium

When a billion-dollar stadium is built, expectations are high. For some fans, that means winning the Super Bowl; for others it just means noshing on a world-class bratwurst, steak sandwich, or bucket of cheese curds to get through the three-and-outs. While U.S. Bank Stadium won’t officially open doors until August, when it will host concerts … [ Read more]

Watch out, Wisconsin, Iowa’s coming for you

For one weekend, Iowa will overtake Wisconsin as the cheesiest state of them all. The American Cheese Society‘s 33rd annual Cheese in the Heartland competition takes place this year in Des Moines July 27-30, and is on track to be the biggest, most cheese-filled weekend yet. “We’re on pace to set a record number of … [ Read more]

Food opera is a thing, and it’s coming to St. Paul

The relationship between sound and taste is the inspiration behind the upcoming St. Paul Food Opera, a series that will be taking place in October and mixes food, music, and art, reports the Pioneer Press. St. Paul restaurants Tongue in Cheek, Saint Dinette, Golden’s Lowertown, Brake Bread, and Izzy’s Ice Cream will create dishes for … [ Read more]

Wedge, Eastside, Linden Hills co-ops exploring merger

After months of study, the boards of Wedge Community Co-op, Linden Hills Co-op, and Eastside Food Co-op are asking their members/owners to consider a proposal for the neighborhood grocery stores to merge into a single organization that would have more than 32,000 members and $75 million in sales, reports the Star Tribune. Wedge Chief Executive … [ Read more]

The return of the long-lost Midwestern wheat

Midwest native Ellen King has planted a rare breed of organic wheat that hasn’t been grown since the early twentieth century, reports Saveur. When King opened Hewn Bakery in Evanston, Illinois, she was surprised to find there was no such wheat already being grown in the Midwest; she had to ship organic wheat from Utah. “What has … [ Read more]

The Buttered Tin announces major expansion

The Buttered Tin announced that it will soon be expanding capacity by 50%, reports Minneapolis Eater. Alicia Hinze, The Buttered Tin’s owner, recently leased the space adjacent to her bakery and restaurant, and said once that wall is opened up, they’ll be able to add 50 additional seats. The Buttered Tin opened in 2013, just before Lowertown experienced its … [ Read more]

Mama mia: Cossetta expanding its West Seventh complex, again

Dave Cossetta has yet another project up his sleeve: He plans to expand his already bustling Cossetta Eventi catering operation by remodeling the big hangar-like building next door, reports The Pioneer Press. Cossetta Alimentari right now includes an Italian deli, market, pasticceria, fine-dining rooftop restaurant (Louis), and catering business, all housed in one complex on West Seventh Street in … [ Read more]

New Minneapolis farmers’ market heading to Riverplace this summer

Minneapolis is getting a new community-based farmers’ and artisan market this summer: Riverplace Market, located on the cobblestone courtyard of Riverplace on the Mississippi riverfront. Situated just across the bridge from downtown Minneapolis, Riverplace Market will be located at the confluence of Hennepin Avenue and Main Street. It is set to open for the 2016 season on Wednesday, June 1, … [ Read more]