Spirits Close-Up: Fruit Brandy

I can’t claim this as objective fact, but my prejudice is this: a great deal of the unaged brandy in the world is disgusting. From Italian grappa, to French marc, and eau de vie of all stripes—so many are little more than a nerve-shattering mouthful of fiery ethanol. That’s why I’ve become fixated on four fruit … [ Read more]

Great Lakes Distillery to release 10 new spirits for 10th anniversary

Great Lakes Distillery, the first micro-distillery in Wisconsin, is releasing 10 new spirits in commemoration of their 10th anniversary. The Milwaukee distillery, maker of Rehorst Gin, Roaring Dan’s Rum, and Kinnickinnic Whiskey, will begin the releases with three new brandies—banana, strawberry, and blueberry—on Friday, May 13. A barrel-aged cherry brandy, made from Door County cherries, will be … [ Read more]