St. Peter Lutheran Nikolausabend

10th Annual Nikolausabend Christmas celebration Sunday, December 8, 2019 St. Peter Lutheran Church 3030 Navajo Ave Rural Watertown MN, 55388 Join us for a traditional German festival full of food, fun & fellowship that supports local families in need. St. Peter Lutheran’s 10th annual Nikolausabend celebration will feature traditional German fare including Schnitzel, Spatzle, Balukraut, … [ Read more]

Delano Oktoberfest

Greetings friends, The Third Annual Delano Oktoberfest is near & we would greatly appreciate it if you would publish the information in your out & about & happenings sections. If you would like more information or to discuss any details feel free to email or call Ronald R. Gust Jr. @ 612.916.1639 Photos from 2018 … [ Read more]

German beer purity law becoming “increasingly irrelevant”

The most fabled law in all of beer turns 500 this year. The Reinheistgebot was introduced in Bavaria in 1516 and mandated, among other things, that German beer be made only from water, hops and barley. Yes, the law predates the discovery of yeast. But prevailing consumer attitudes toward German beer are suggesting that the half-millennium-old dictum … [ Read more]