Diagnosis celiac: How one beer lover came to terms with giving up gluten

This past February, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. It was the week Fair State Brewing released LÄCTOBÄC 11, and precisely two weeks before my trip to Italy, where I had planned to fill my days with sun and my gut with handmade pasta. Before my diagnosis, my general attitude was, “Well, if I’m diagnosed … [ Read more]

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No Gluten, No Problem

Nightingale and Sociable Cider Werks team up for a gluten-free spring dinner Photos by Ellen Burkhardt Gluten has surfaced as Public Enemy No. One in the nutrition world in recent years. From added allergy labels to full-out gluten-free restaurants, awareness of the pesky protein has grown immensely. That’s meant more (and better) dining options for … [ Read more]

Craft Cider in Full Bloom

By Brian Martucci In anticipation of this year’s significantly expanded Minneapolis Cider Week—slated for late May and orchestrated by Town Hall Brewery, with help from the fine folks at Artisanal Imports—it’s only fitting to take a hard look at the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. craft beverage market. Forget beer, folks. The U.S. market for … [ Read more]

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Gluten Free Beer: Better All the Time

This special Style Profile focuses on the infinite variety of Gluten Free Beer. BY MICHAEL AGNEW, A Perfect Pint To readers of The Growler, the disease’s triggers are familiar: wheat, barley, rye, and oats. They just happen to be the main grains from which beer is made. This means that for the one percent of Americans … [ Read more]