Greg Hall goes on record about the sale of Virtue Cider

Following the sale of Virtue Cider to Goose Island and A-B InBev, co-founder Greg Hall spoke with Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting. In the candid interview, Hall speaks about the company’s struggles, how the cider industry is changing, and why he decided to partner will Goose Island. Read the interview at

Lagunitas CouchTrippin’ to Austin to Release Fusion 19

Lagunitas is CouchTrippin’ to Austin, Texas! The Petaluma, California brewery known for their creativity and originality is at it again, this time embarking on a cross-country adventure with a team of musicians and specially crafted barrel aged beers. Lagunitas teamed up with a mix of bands, musicheads, and beer geeks to create a five-show tour … [ Read more]