Order Up! The latest restaurant openings, closings, and future openings

Updated January 3, 2019 Order Up! is the Growler’s ongoing biweekly account of noteworthy Minnesota restaurant openings, closings, and future openings. Please send any tips to [email protected] All dates are approximate based on best information available; opening dates, in particular, tend to shift around a lot. THIS WEEK’S GIST: A couple of jumbo-sized closings in Minneapolis … [ Read more]

Bite of the Week: The Cubano at Guavas Cuban Cafe

Bite of the Week is a weekly feature showcasing an exceptional meal or dish, curated by The Growler. The closure earlier this year of the restaurant Xavi was rightfully hailed as a sad event, but there’s a big silver lining to that particular cloud. The Xavi space at 56th and Chicago Avenue has become Guavas, a … [ Read more]