Keepsakes of a Season: The homegrown ciders of Nate Watters and Tracy Jonkman

See? Not every apple is created equal,” Nate Watters says before launching into a story about the “spitter” apples he just had me try. I quickly grasp his point—their flavor is horrible for eating, and I promptly and predictably eject from my mouth the small bite I’d taken, just as Nate knew I would. “The … [ Read more]

Artist Profile: Michael Slagle brings his bold aesthetic to ordinary life

Alot of lines.” This is the simple description Michael Slagle offers of his art, but the reality is much more complex. Delicate clouds and bright colors are interrupted by bold black lines, combining flatness and volume to alter the perspective from something recognizable to something more abstract. From bridges to flowers to farmlands, where most … [ Read more]

Harvest Opportunity to Learn Historical Process of Making Beer

Ashby Brewing Company and Maltwerks of Detroit Lakes, Minn. are excited to announce a harvesting event that explores the historical process of making beer, from field to glass. Beginning on August 18, families are invited to Battle Lake, Minnesota to experience grain harvesting the way the beer making process began more than a century ago. … [ Read more]

Celebrate the harvest at these 10 Minnesota wineries

Across Minnesota, the nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and grapes are ripening on their vines as harvest season pushes summer out the door. All the hours spent tending to their vineyards come to fruition at harvest and beyond for Minnesota vintners, so it’s no wonder many of them mark this time of … [ Read more]

Poor hops harvest in 2015 has breweries worried

Drought conditions in Europe and the U.S., and disease in the UK, led to a poor hops harvest in 2015 that has some brewers scrambling to source the ingredient, according to a report by CNBC. With the number of breweries exploding across the U.S. and Europe, the fight for quality hops is all ready intense and increasingly … [ Read more]

Napa Valley Concludes Earliest Harvest On Record

The Napa Valley Grapegrowers released some info on the 2015 crop: The harvest is the earliest on record, with most growers set to finish sometime this week. This thanks to a scorching hot summer—one of the warmest seasons Napa has ever known. The volume of the crop is down, something like 10-20% below average. A … [ Read more]

Lift Bridge Brewing Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

The typical gift for the 5th anniversary is wood, but at Lift Bridge’s 5th Anniversary party on September 7 hops might be more appropriate. In conjunction with Hippity Hops Farm, Lift Bridge is celebrating the occasion with this year’s Pickin’ & Grinnin’ event. This anniversary is a major milestone for Lift Bridge which began in … [ Read more]