Blacklist Brewing Imperial Hefe

My first taste of Blacklist Brewing came last winter at the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe in Duluth. It was one of those Duluth mornings in which you step outside and your skin immediately registers the fact that you’re in Duluth. Sheltered from the whip of an icy wind screaming down Superior Street, I settled in to … [ Read more]

Beer/Cheese: Sommer Vice & Toma della Rocca

 By John Garland Toma della Rocca exists, most profoundly for me, in a very specific memory. It was buried under a mountain of others from the fall of 2005, until I read Michael Paterniti’s 2013 book The Telling Room, in which the author ventures to Spain in search of a legendary Castillian cheese called Páramo de Guzmán. When … [ Read more]

Weihenstephaner Vitus

Weihenstephaner Vitus ABV: 7.7% Looking for something a little bit different than the typical Stout or Barleywine this winter season? Weihenstephaner Vitus is the perfect winter beer for someone who typically drinks a lighter beer but wants a bigger beer for the cold winter months. Wisps of banana and mandarin orange fill the air while pouring, … [ Read more]