Field of Dreams: CBD hemp farmers like Patrick Finnegan of Two Harbors are changing the face of Minnesota agriculture

This story is a part two of a two-part series on CBD and hemp underwritten by J.C. Younger. The Growler maintained editorial control over the content.  Afew hours north of Minneapolis–St. Paul, a hockey player-turned-CBD hemp farmer named Patrick Finnegan has his mind set on being part of the leading vanguard of his industry. Finnegan … [ Read more]

The ‘weediest’ beer of them all

When I walked into Shamrocks Irish Nook for a team happy hour on the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day I got a blast of green I didn’t expect. From the moment I set foot in the place, and all the way back to our table in the back-back room, all I could smell was reefer. … [ Read more]