Founders Rübæus

Founders Brewing Company Founders Rübæus 5.7% ABV, 15 IBU If ever there was a beer that tasted like happiness and frolicking through the morning sunshine it would be Founders Rübæus. This beautiful fruit beer, made with fresh, juicy raspberries, is the kind of treat that can only mean that spring has arrived. With its low … [ Read more]

Tin Whiskers Wheatstone Bridge

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company Wheatstone Bridge 5.4% ABV There are plenty of bland, easy-drinking wheat beers in the craft-beer market. Tin Whiskers shows they’re too cool for that with their Wheatstone Bridge. It’s tart, sweet, and stays refreshing even with creative additions of chamomile and honey. It’s the beer that Tin Whiskers fans have been … [ Read more]

Stieglbraueri Grapefruit Radler

Stieglbraueri Stiegl Grapefruit Radler 2.5% ABV This beer is the epitome of summer in a can: crisp, light, and refreshing. It’s the perfect beer for those long summer days on the lake, afternoons spent grilling, or nights around the bonfire. The 40/60 blend of Stiegl’s Goldbrau Lager and grapefruit juice gives this beer the perfect … [ Read more]

Bauhaus Wonderstuff

Bauhaus Brew Labs Bauhaus Wonderstuff 5.4% ABV, 48 IBU The brewers at Bauhaus Brew Labs in Minneapolis have done the Czech pilsner style the justice it deserves by serving up a brew light in body, full in flavor, and gracefully fills your mind with dreams of the days you will share with it under the … [ Read more]

Paradox Skully Barrel No. 22

Paradox Beer Company Skully Barrel No. 22 8.5% ABV It’s exciting to see a well-made elderberry beer in the market, and not just for the possible Monty Python references. Skully Barrel No. 22 is worth seeking out for this fruit, which adds a juicy-sweet element to an already complex red wine–barreled sour. This is a … [ Read more]

Full Sail Session Lager

Full Sail Session Lager ABV: 5.1% IBUs: 18  In a world where hops are becoming everything and the lager is drifting into an abyss of sad back shelf life, this underrated, fun-loving session lager is offering up a great malty, crisp taste. It is so different from the direction the craft revolution is going and is … [ Read more]