Now Open (Or Damn Close): Hop & Barrel Brewing Company in Hudson

When Justin Terbeest and Brian Priefer, ordered the equipment for their new brewery in Hudson, Wisconsin, brewing wasn’t even allowed in downtown. Terbeest and Priefer, co-founders of Hop & Barrel Brewing Company opening on December 16, spent the early months of 2017 attending planning commission and city council meetings to change the law, and by August 1 they … [ Read more]

Hop & Barrel Brewing Company coming to Hudson, Wisc., this fall

At the time Justin Terbeest and his wife, Melissa, started their brewery endeavor, the City of Hudson had an ordinance on the books prohibiting breweries in the downtown zoning districts. But just this past May, the city changed its ordinances, clearing the way for the couple to build their brewery, Hop & Barrel Brewing Company, in … [ Read more]