The Vine Room is a Taste of California (And Beyond) in Hopkins

There’s never been a Twin Cities wine bar quite like The Vine Room in Hopkins. The motley assortment of such establishments in these parts are uniformly designed to be comfy-cozy, with warm wood tones and what those of a certain age call “flattering lighting” (i.e., dim and dusky). Not The Vine Room. This is one … [ Read more]

Living the Dream at L.T.D. Brewing

Now Open (Or Damn Close) visits Hopkin’s newest gathering place. by Brian Kaufenberg Photo courtesy of L.T.D. Brewing The wait has been a long and challenging one, but Blake Verdon and Jeremy “Jem” Hale’s perseverance over four and a half years of planning have brought them within months of “living the dream” and opening the … [ Read more]