Wild flavors and a steady culinary hand make Bebe Zito’s ice cream offerings precious

Ultra-premium. Ultra-exotic. Ultra-delicious. Those three little phrases sum up Bebe Zito Ice Cream. Ice cream chef Ben Spangler and fiancée / business partner Gabriella Grant have staked their fortunes on making frozen desserts that go above, and beyond, and then several more steps beyond that. In an ice cream landscape that includes everything from the … [ Read more]

New Belgium and Ben & Jerry’s new cookie dough ice cream beer

It’s a fact—chocolate chip cookie dough is one of, if not the, greatest of all ice creams. Now, thanks to a collaboration between Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium Brewing, the quintessential ice cream flavor will be available in beer form this fall. The second ice cream-inspired beer developed by New Belgium and Ben & Jerry’s, … [ Read more]

Minnesota State Fair announces new foods for 2016

The Minnesota State Fair announced 32 new food items that will grace the fryers at the upcoming Great Minnesota Get-Together. If there are three new items you’ll need to try, here are the early favorites: 1) The Carpe Diem, The Rabbit Hole, International Bazaar This looks like the sundae of our dreams. A buttermilk-miso waffle cone filled … [ Read more]

Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen

You probably didn’t think today was anything special when you woke up. Just another Tuesday, and, if you’re in Minnesota, a dreary, rainy one at that. Oh, but you’re mistaken. Today is a great day. A magical day. It’s Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen. That’s right: Dairy Queens around the country are giving out … [ Read more]

Sameh Wadi announces Ice Cream annex of WSK

Saffron owner/chef and authority on Palestinian cuisine Sameh Wadi announced that he’ll be opening an ice cream shop called Milkjam adjacent to his wildly popular World Street Kitchen on Lyndale Avenue in South Minneapolis. This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s tasted the mango lassi soft serve at WSK. Demolition has already begun. [H/T … [ Read more]