Ingredients Unknown: The murky world of animal additives in alcohol

A few centuries ago, a fisherman heading out to sea needed a pouch for his ale. He chose a swim bladder—an organ used by fish to control buoyancy—pulled from a bucket of leftovers from his previous day’s catch. Filling the pouch with murky beer, he made for the marina. A few days later, while pouring … [ Read more]

23 BrewDog beers to carry Vegan Society trademark

The backlash against isinglass continues. Last November, Guinness announced they would no longer use the fish bladder byproduct to fine their legendary stout. Now, BrewDog, the rogue Scottish brewery, announced that 23 of their beers will carry the Vegan Society trademark, officially certifying them as free of animal products. BrewDog never used isinglass to begin … [ Read more]