Plants: It’s What’s For Dinner

A new crop of vegans and vegetarian food purveyors are progressing a scene started by pioneering restaurants For many local carnivores, the thought of even entering a vegan or vegetarian restaurant is frightening. Why would they want to spend their money on quinoa when there are so many great meats out there? While there truly … [ Read more]

St. Paul’s first plant-based restaurant, J. Selby’s, now open

All vegetarians and vegans have their own reasons for choosing a diet free of meat and other animal products. For former physician Matt Clayton, it was simply to run faster. “It’s not complicated at all,” he chuckles. “I was very stagnant in my half-marathon time and was looking for something to give me an edge … [ Read more]

Plant-based restaurant, J. Selby’s, is coming to St. Paul

St. Paul is adding another restaurant to its directory through J. Selby’s. On August 28, the new vegan restaurant posted about the expected opening this fall. “J. Selby’s aims to open in November 2016. This is the beginning,” according to the Facebook post. “We are waiting on permits to begin construction and renovation, but we hope those will come soon! We will … [ Read more]