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Minnesota breweries are using a historic technology to spur sour aging innovation When you settle in at the bar in Wild Mind Artisan Ales’ taproom, it’s easy to feel like you’re micrometers away from being sliced by craft beer’s cutting edge. Rows of stainless steel brewhouse equipment glint behind a glass vista to the bar’s … [ Read more]

Bandits of brewing: Modist expands to make room for more modifying

Whether it’s brewing heretofore impossible beers, or poking at Big Beer with their marketing mischief (Dilly Dilly, anyone?), the dudes at Modist Brewing are all about pushing the limit. So when they found themselves bumping against the capacity limits of their brewery, there was only one thing to do: expand in a big way. “Every … [ Read more]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Modist Brewing Company

There are lots of things in a taproom designed to draw a drinker’s attention. Things like clever tap handles, splashy artwork, unique beers, and an inviting atmosphere. The floor of the brewhouse? Not so much. But that’s the first thing that catches the eye at Modist Brewing Company, the soon-to-open, highly anticipated North Loop brewery … [ Read more]

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Brewer Profile: Keigan Knee of Modist Brewing

Photos by Aaron Davidson The pounding of hammers on sheet metal echoes throughout a cavernous warehouse in Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood. The place is more or less deserted. A couple guys skateboard across the concrete floor, swiftly crisscrossing the 18,000-square-foot space. A pile of tools fills the corner next to a makeshift kitchen—a microwave balancing … [ Read more]

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