Bite of the Week: Flamin’ Chicken Lunch Special at Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine

One of the most interesting tangents during this month’s panel discussion on “Who Owns Asian Cuisine?” was Lat14 owner Ann Ahmed talking about her start in the business, at Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine in Brooklyn Park. The restaurant was, as she told it, deliberately accessible—food framed as Thai (rather than Lao) to welcome in as broad a … [ Read more]

To Discover the Future of Food, Ask the Chefs

Three leading Minnesota chefs break bread, drink wine, and talk about the way food will be eaten—and cooked—in the decades to come W When we start talking about the future of food, we immediately consider questions of waste and sustainability, or whatever the cake-pop-like-object of the moment might be. It’s easy to get immersed in protein … [ Read more]

For Minnesota’s Restaurant Scene, 2018 Was a Hell of a Year

The state of independent restaurants in Minnesota in 2018 is not merely strong; it’s exceptionally strong. A number of high-profile openings and announced expansions leave diners with a glittering galaxy of choices that will only continue to brighten as we move into 2019. First and foremost: Carefully curated mini-empires are expanding incrementally and wisely to … [ Read more]