From garage, to bowling alley, to brewery taproom: Lazy Loon Brewing in Glencoe’s path to opening (and surviving)

Now Open (Or Damn Close) is supported by underwriting partner Maltwerks, a Midwest malt house focused on genuine relationships in offering quality, locally produced, traceable malt. The Growler maintained full editorial control over the content. Jonathan Lueck’s persistence combined with his passion for crafting—creating beer and woodworking—can be found at Lazy Loon Brewing Company. Lueck’s day … [ Read more]

Lazy Loon Brewing Lazy Loon Lager

Lazy Loon Brewing Lazy Loon Lager Unlisted ABV A Southwest suburbs exclusive! Brewed and canned in beautiful Victoria, Minnesota, Lazy Loon is a ‘true to style’ nanobrewery. This gem pours a light amber color and has aromas of caramel malts. A well-balanced lager best served cold (40–45°F) in a pint glass. We recommend you enjoy … [ Read more]