Left Hand Good Juju

Left Hand Good Juju 4.5% ABV Seems fitting a store with a 666 address should be reviewing this beer. This year’s almost sessionable version of Left Hand’s Good Juju herb beer is less gingery and more citric than prior releases. The bright grapefruit and passion fruit notes play well off the hops and light toasted … [ Read more]

Left Hand Sawtooth NITRO

Left Hand Sawtooth NITRO ABV: 5.3% IBUs: 27  Nitro is the new black. First their legendary Milk Stout arrived on Nitro in six packs, now their Sawtooth Ale gets the Nitro treatment. It pours a gorgeous copper with a creamy head, thanks to the Nitro. A nice nutty base to the beer with a slightly grassy … [ Read more]

Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro

Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro ABV: 6.0% The Centennial State strikes again! Somewhere high in the Rocky Mountains a group of Colorado brewers experimented with the dark arts. What they wrought was a pitch black stout worthy of the title “America’s Stout.” It pours impenetrably black with a strong, frothy, tan head. Once the glass nears … [ Read more]

A Not at All Suspicious Interview with Jeff Nelson

For this issue’s Artist Profile, we catch up with Jeff Nelson, a local beer artist (and aspiring elephant portraitist). By Joseph Alton The Growler: How would you explain yourself to someone you have never met? Jeff Nelson: Suspiciously. G: How did you get into beer art? JN: I used to customize cardboard Hamm’s coasters at … [ Read more]

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