Square Mile Cider Spur & Vine

Square Mile Cider Spur & Vine 6.7% ABV Spur & Vine puts an aggressively different skew on the traditional hard cider, packing a haymaker of hops. It has a rich, golden hue with subtle effervescence. On the first sip, it’s almost as if the potent flavor is jumping right out of the glass. With a … [ Read more]

Four Daughters Loon Juice

Four Daughters Winery Loon Juice 6% ABV This local cider is currently only available in five-liter kegs as well as bombers, but will soon be available in six-pack cans just in time for warm weather. An impressive amount of carbonation and a bright-yellow body sends a clear message: “Drink me…now!” The dry apple scent combines … [ Read more]

Ballast Point Victory at Sea

Ballast Point Brewing Company Victory at Sea 10% ABV, 60 IBU This imperial porter is a majestic beast that would make even the mighty Captain Ahab shake in his boots. A dark, foreboding body and a head that’s as unnerving as a thunderstorm might intimidate the drinker, but there’s no need to worry: the beer’s … [ Read more]

Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback IPA

Oskar Blues Brewery Pinner Throwback IPA 4.9% ABV, 35 IBU Pinner is a great choice for anyone looking for big flavor and low ABV in a beer. A brilliant golden body and beautifully delicate head is a sight for sore eyes. The nose is big and dank, bursting with citrus and pineapple notes. A bold, … [ Read more]

Victory Kirsch Gose

Victory Brewing Company Kirsch Gose 4.8% ABV Sours are making a big splash in the craft-beer scene right now, and finding one that comes in a four pack proves to be difficult. Luckily, Victory has done sour fans a solid with their bright and refreshing cherry gose, available in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles. This beer’s … [ Read more]