Barley, Water, and Heat: The careful craft behind estate barley malt at Vertical Malt

Most grains being farmed in the Midwest are destined, directly or not, for dinner plates across the world. Adam Wagner’s grains, however, fill pint glasses across Minnesota and North Dakota through his craft malting company, Vertical Malt. Located in Crookston, a small college/ag town on the eastern edge of the Red River Valley, Wagner works … [ Read more]

U of M paving the way toward better barley, stronger hops

It’s not a question of if, but when an invasive species will threaten Minnesota hop crops. That’s not meant to scare local hop growers or breweries that use them. It’s just something University of Minnesota professor Gary Muehlbauer is trying to prevent with his research. Luckily, he and two other U of M professors have … [ Read more]

Cargill Purchases Australia’s Largest Malt Producer for $373M

Cargill, Inc., based out of Minnetonka, MN, is closing on a deal with Glencore Xstrata for its Joe White Maltings unit (which Glencore acquired through a $6.2B takeover of a Canadian grain handler). The deal will cost Cargill a cool $373 million. Cargill already has a portfolio of ten malting plants in markets like North … [ Read more]

A Visit To: Rahr Malting

The largest single-site malt producer in the world is in our own backyard. Water, hops, yeast, and malt—which one of these do you hear the most about? Though not necessarily neglected, malt is not a widely discussed ingredient among most craft beer enthusiasts. Usually, people talk about the hop variety, or the crazy yeast that … [ Read more]