This summer we’re drinking mezcal with moth worms

In all my sensory recollections of summer, the flavors are invariably Mexican—the smell of roasted tomatillos, the snap of fresh jicama, the ecstasy of a warm tortilla piled high with pibil. This summer I’m adding a new favorite: mezcal with a hint of moth worm. Seriously. “Purists will tell you the only way to drink … [ Read more]

Spirits Close-Up: Smoke

From midday brats to late-night s’mores, the flavors of summer are full of smoke. I say you should add a little to your cocktails as well. There are several ways to get a smoky flavor into drinks, but which ones are worth your time and effort? Don’t Bother With Liquid Smoke: Do you want your … [ Read more]

Mezcal or Komil? Mexican authorities seek new name for agave spirit

Will mezcal by any other name smell as smoky? Among the new regulations prescribed by Mexico’s finance ministry, which regulates the country’s denomination of origin (DO), are rules that would require some artisan producers of mezcal to change the name of their spirit, according a report in the Guardian: “Mezcal is made in most of Mexico’s … [ Read more]