The increasingly blurry line between brewpubs and breweries

Brewpubs and breweries both have “brew” in their titles and both places serve beer; and that’s largely where the similarities between the two business models end—or at least where they used to. Brewpubs and breweries are separate entities, each with its own definition and set of possibilities and limitations, and each offering owners very different business opportunities. However, the legislation passed in … [ Read more]

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Straight from the Source: Great Waters Brewing

Photos by Aaron Davidson With all the well-deserved excitement about Minnesota’s new breweries, it is easy to get caught up in the latest opening or the newest exotic style. However, it’s always worth revisiting the veterans of the local scene. It seems any brewery that has been around for more than three years is a … [ Read more]

Brewpubs: A Viable Business Model in Minnesota?

Deep Thoughts with Dave Hoops by Dave Hoops I wrote this article for two reasons. First, to help the craft beer lovers of Minnesota understand the beer rules. Second, to support the fact that yes, brewpubs are a viable business model in this state – they just have to work a bit harder within the … [ Read more]

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