Kelley Farm renovations to showcase changes in Minnesota agriculture

The Oliver Kelley Farm opens for the season April 1, following a multimillion dollar renovation. The new spaces and programming hope to showcase changes in Minnesota’s agricultural history—spanning from the 1860s to modern day. “In the new Farm Lab area, visitors can explore today’s agriculture through modern cropland, animals, gardens and an outdoor exhibit trail. Then … [ Read more]

Minnesota Historical Society announces new director of American Indian Initiatives

Since 1849, the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) has developed into one of the largest and most prestigious historical societies in the U.S. On December 5, an esteemed curator will join their staff to helm the museum’s American Indian Initiatives. The St. Paul–based MNHS announced the appointment of Joe D. Horse Capture in a press release. Horse Capture is an enrolled … [ Read more]

A bus ride into Minneapolis’ brewing history

Minnesota Historical Society tours offer an in-depth look at the stories behind Minnesota’s beer industry Minneapolis and St. Paul aren’t the oldest cities on the Mississippi River—in fact, they aren’t even the oldest in the Metro. St. Anthony pre-dated Minneapolis before it was absorbed into the larger Mill City. Regardless, at 166 years young there … [ Read more]

Wrath of the Keller: The story of the Minnesota State Capitol’s lost rathskeller

 Even accounting for home state favoritism, Minnesota’s State Capitol is the most beautiful architectural specimen of the fifty. The dome is nicely proportional, while some have seriously mutant dome shapes. The white marble on the outside is the perfect background for the golden Quadriga above the main entrance. The grand stairwells, vast paintings, and colored … [ Read more]

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