State of Spirits: What’s new at Minnesota’s distilleries and spirit companies

We checked in with all of Minnesota’s distilleries and spirit companies to see what they accomplished in 2016 and what they have in store for the year to come. New in 2016 Beet Spirits, Inc 2016: New this year was a launching of BĒT Vodka, a spirit made from Minnesota sugar beets. The vodka is … [ Read more]

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Spirited Perspectives: Four industry experts share how Minnesota can become a world-class state for spirits

Minnesota’s spirits scene is young, but very promising. With the number of innovative bar programs and mixologists, and the ever growing list of microdistilleries, our spirits scene is becoming a real source of pride. But What will it take for Minnesota to become known as a world-class spirits state? We asked four members of the industry … [ Read more]

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New Booze: BĒT Vodka, crafted from Minnesota sugar beets

Minnesota is the number one sugar beet-producing state in the country. It should follow that we would be distilling some of that bounty into booze. BĒT Vodka (pronounced “beet”) is Minnesota’s first vodka distilled from 100% sugar beets (L’etoile Vodka from Du Nord Craft Spirits is distilled from a mix of sugar beets and corn). … [ Read more]

The State of Minnesota Whiskey

The Minnesota craft-distilling scene is looking to find its place in the geography of whiskey. With a handful of distilleries now past that two-year mark, it’s nearing the time for many to make the jump from barrel to bottle and start bringing aged spirits to market. Adrian Panther of Panther Distillery in Osakis believes Minnesota’s … [ Read more]

J. Carver Distillery to release Rye Whiskey and Apple Brandy

The second wave of Minnesota craft spirits is taking shape, as distilleries are beginning to  release aged spirits to complement their gins and vodkas. Vikre Distillery just announced the release of their first aged whiskey, and now, a Waconia whiskey is ready for the spotlight. J. Carver Distillery has announced via press release the debut of … [ Read more]

Craft Cocktail: A La Mode at Du Nord Craft Spirits

The very thought of Thanksgiving is enough to evoke aromas of turkey, stuffing, and, of course, freshly baked pies. Every year, while my cousins and grandparents devour the pumpkin pie, I always find myself taking a piece from the apple pie. The simple dessert hits all the right notes: sweet and tart, flaky crust and … [ Read more]

Distiller Profile: Mike Swanson at Far North Spirits

Mike Swanson removes the bung from a cask, sticks his nose over the hole, and sniffs deeply. It’s no use. “I can’t smell anything right now,” he says. “I’m just getting over a cold I came down with on my way back from New York last week. But you should smell this—it’s incredible.” The 92-gallon … [ Read more]

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Tailor Made: Tattersall Distilling is a cut above

It’s autumn in Northeast Minneapolis. All the flannel and beards and work boots suddenly look appropriate. The breeze is no longer brisk—it’s just cold. I have the urge to burrow somewhere, to insulate myself against the coming winter. I just want to sit down and have a good cocktail and nothing else. And so I find myself … [ Read more]

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Potato peels to Irish moonshine—Anchor Fish & Chips and Bent Brewstillery team up

Quick, name three things you can make out of a potato. Unless you live in Ireland and have a penchant for high-octane booze, your list probably didn’t include poitín, but Bent Brewstillery and The Anchor Fish & Chips are out to change that. “I’m a big fan of collaborations with people outside of the industry … [ Read more]

First Look: Tattersall Distillery

Photos by Aaron Davidson During WWII, the Thorp Building on Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis housed the General Mills Mechanical Division. This highly secretive facility produced torpedo navigation systems and the first “black box” flight recorders. In their stead, a pocket of quintessential Northeast is now coming together, including the requisite bike shop (Greg LeMond’s) and a distillery. … [ Read more]

The Rise of Minnesota-Made Spirits

After the license fee for small distilleries was lowered in 2011, multiple operations in Minnesota bought stills, sourced grain, and filed their paperwork. Get ready for an explosion of local spirits on the shelves in 2014. By John Garland Scott Ervin of Norseman Distillery fills his bottles of vodka by hand, one at a time, … [ Read more]

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Panther Distillery Releases First Aged Whiskey

Panther Distillery, located in Osakis Minnesota, is Minnesota’s first legal whiskey distillery. They are passionate about creating traditional distilled spirits that are comparable to those during the time of Prohibition. This week they announced the release of their first aged whiskey, Minnesota 14. This whiskey has been aging in American White Oak barrels for nearly two … [ Read more]