Minnesota Brewery Running Series announces 2017 schedule

Even for the most avid, health-conscious runners, a carrot on a stick is probably not the most enticing form of motivation. But a beer? That’s another story. The Minnesota Brewery Running Series is back for 2017 with 25 events across the state (see the full list below). Now in its sixth year, the events are … [ Read more]

Have beer, will run: MN Brewery Running Series announces 2016 schedule

The Minnesota Brewery Running Series, also known as the ultimate carrot on a stick for runners who enjoy craft beer, has announced its 2016 event schedule. With each run beginning and ending at a taproom, the series is designed to showcase local breweries and the neighborhoods that surround them. Runs range from .5K to 5K … [ Read more]

MN Brewery Running Series Announces 2015 Schedule

Out of the dozens of serious and casual runners in my group of friends, there’s something I’ve noticed they have in common—every one of them loves beer. It may be coincidence, but with scientific studies pointing to beer as a superior post-run beverage to water, the recent record-setting sub-5 minute beer mile, and a running store in Colorado … [ Read more]

MN Brewery Running Series

Start lacing up your shoes, the MN Brewery Running Series is ready for another running season. MN Brewery Running Series, coordinated by Apple Adventure Racing, is hosting their kick-off event on Saturday, March 29th from 6–9pm at the Running Room in Uptown in order to celebrate the start of another running season. MN Brewery Running Series is series of … [ Read more]