Look for Summit’s 2nd Union Series Brew: Rebellion Stout

The second brew from Summit’s limited-release Union Series, available very soon, is called Rebellion Stout. So what’s with the name? Summit chose to call this special edition “Rebellion Stout” to acknowledge the independent nature of Cork County, Ireland — also called “The Rebel County” — where the excellent Stout malt used in this brew originates. … [ Read more]

Bad Weather To Release OMINOUS Nov 18th. (Chance of Snow)

Bad Weather Brewing Co.’s so-called “cold weather seasonal,” OMINOUS, is set to be released on draft Nov 18th – uncanny timing, considering there is a chance of snow forecasted that day. Call it (bad) luck or marketing genius, either way, Bad Weather’s own description for OMINOUS makes a great case for enjoying their seasonal brew come Monday: … [ Read more]

When Can We Get Bent (Brewstillery)?

  The folks over at Bent Brewstillery (not to be confused with Bent Paddle Brewing, who yesterday announced limited Twin Cities distribution) posted several answers to a few big questions that fans have been asking.   The biggest question, of course: When will we be able to buy Bent beer and spirits? The response: Early … [ Read more]

Bent Paddle Begins Limited Twin Cities Distribution This Week

Bent Paddle Brewing Co., which has been brewing beer for the Twin Ports region over the past 6 months, will begin distribution in the Twin Cities at select liquor stores. The following stores will begin carrying 12oz. 6 packs of Bent Paddle’s current flagship beers (pictured above) on Wed, Nov. 13th: North Loop Wine & … [ Read more]

The Commander Barleywine Release Party

Join Lift Bridge for their 3rd Annual The Commander™ Barleywine Release Party on November 16th, 2013, 3 – 10PM. There will be contests, prizes, live music, great food, and Lift Bridge beer. About the Beer For those who haven’t tried The Commander™ before, it is an English-Style Barleywine ale brewed with an excessive malt bill and includes … [ Read more]

Northbound & Indeed to Appear on Beer Geeks TV

Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub and Indeed Brewing Co. are set to appear on Beer Geeks TV, the first national television show about craft beer, on Nov. 9. The episode will be broadcasted live at 12:30 am on Nov. 9 on WFTC/MyFox 29.  To celebrate, Northbound Smokehouse will host a pair of special screenings of the episode on Nov. 9 and Nov. 10 … [ Read more]

Northbound Smokehouse Anniversary Party

When Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub opened in 2012, they did so with the help of funds raised from the sale of 80 Beer for Life Memberships – $1,000 donations to the start up, in exchange for free beer for the life of the individual (or the bar).  To show their thanks on their first anniversary, … [ Read more]

Two Brothers Outlaw

Two Brothers Brewing Co. ABV: 6.3% | IBU: 60 Grab your britches, Gerdie, this is a rich caramel colored brew-ha-ha, with lots of personality. It has hints of earthy caramel and every now and then, perhaps a little savory apple. It is best paired with foods that can meet its match: garlic prawns, Andouille sausage, … [ Read more]

Indeed Shenanigans

Indeed ABV: 4.6% | IBU: 27 Hold your hair net Helga, this ain’t your gramma’s brew! This one is an American Pale Wheat Ale, and though subtle, can stand up against strong food pairings. The color is medium with light head, showcasing the hoppy goodness that Indeed has become known for. Hints of sweet honey, … [ Read more]

The Six-Pack Project: Minnesota’s Flight

Here is a fun new blog about craft beer around the nation — it’s called The Six-Pack Project. The goal is to have writers from each state come up with a “flight” of six different beers that represent their state (and/or state beer culture). Paige Latham, who runs the blog Alcohol By Volume, got the … [ Read more]

Lift Bridge Brewing Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

The typical gift for the 5th anniversary is wood, but at Lift Bridge’s 5th Anniversary party on September 7 hops might be more appropriate. In conjunction with Hippity Hops Farm, Lift Bridge is celebrating the occasion with this year’s Pickin’ & Grinnin’ event. This anniversary is a major milestone for Lift Bridge which began in … [ Read more]

Summit on KARE 11 (in 1986)

A great throwback from the Summit Video Vault.

Canal Park Brewing with Fresh Hops from Local Farm

Duluth, MN – Canal Park Brewing Co. brewmaster Badger Colish spent last Thursday harvesting hops at Brule River Hilltop Hops farm. Colish, along with farm owner Paul Riordan and other brewery coworkers, harvested nearly 200 pounds of fresh Cascade hops that have since been used to brew Canal Park’s Wet Hops Harvest Ale, 2013.  The … [ Read more]

Autu(mn) Craft Beer Releases from Out-of-State Breweries

Autumn is just around the corner and to celebrate the change in seasons, craft brewers across the country are about to release their Fall-time seasonal beers. We’ve put together a list featuring just a few special beers that Minnesotans will be able to find on tap or at their local liquor stores this Fall, including … [ Read more]

It’s a nice day for a ‘Wit Wedding’

Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth is serving a special edition beer for owner Tim Nelson’s wedding. The beer is a white IPA called ‘Wit Wedding.’ It’s got a 5.7% ABV, a spicy medium body, and an assertive hop profile featuring citrus. The spice notes balance the wheat and the Belgian yeasts add pleasant esters. Duluth cartoonist Chris Monroe did … [ Read more]