Modist Brewing rolling out D&D-inspired beer with original characters, adventure campaign

If you’re a rogue who enjoys visiting the village public house for a stein of ale (and, of course, pickpocketing a fool or two), Modist Brewing’s latest beer release will have you grinning. On Sunday, February 16, the North Loop brewery is debuting what might be the world’s first-ever Dungeons & Dragons-inspired beer—a sessionable hazy … [ Read more]

The Evolution of of Brewing Tech: Innovations that have redefined beer in the modern age

Today’s brewing scene is a long way from the rudimentary brewing vessels available to the earliest brewers. Heck, it would look completely foreign to the brewers of the mid-20th century. The sheer volume of breweries would be one surprise, as would the beers themselves—hazy IPAs, pastry stouts, wine barrel-aged saisons.  Equally as shocking, though, would … [ Read more]

The Mill: Wadi brothers to open a St. Paul seafood spot, Grand Catch

The brothers Wadi—behind food-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar World Street Kitchen and the next door Milkjam Creamery in South Minneapolis—have announced that they are turning their sights to St. Paul to open a Cajun seafood spot on Grand Avenue. Sameh and Saed Wadi are joining forces with Brooklyn Park-based Cajun Deli owner Thien Ly to open Grand Catch, which … [ Read more]

Bandits of brewing: Modist expands to make room for more modifying

Whether it’s brewing heretofore impossible beers, or poking at Big Beer with their marketing mischief (Dilly Dilly, anyone?), the dudes at Modist Brewing are all about pushing the limit. So when they found themselves bumping against the capacity limits of their brewery, there was only one thing to do: expand in a big way. “Every … [ Read more]

Hear ye, hear ye: Bud Light gets Medieval on Modist with creative cease-and-desist

Dilly, dilly! You may have heard the silly phrase thrown around between at the bar or tailgates recently, thanks to a Bud Light commercial that went viral a few months back. Heck, you may have used “dilly dilly” yourself. But one craft brewer was just served up perhaps the most creative cease-and-desist of the year … [ Read more]

Tap into brewing knowledge with Modist Brewing’s ‘Beer Smarts’ series

Barley + water + hops + yeast = beer. Seems simple, right? Well, there’s more to beer than just that. Through a series of events, Modist Brewing is putting on a six-week education program starting November 21. Held in the North Loop brewery’s taproom, the one-hour “Beer Smarts” sessions will focus on a specific area … [ Read more]

Wander North debuts whiskey series made from Northeast craft beers

Wander North Distillery, maker of Outpost Vodka, is debuting a series of whiskies made from the beers of Northeast Minneapolis. Their Uncharted whiskies are made in collaboration with several breweries, and distilled from the distinctive malt bills of some iconic Northeast beers. “After the release of the Applejack we did in collaboration with Sociable Cider … [ Read more]