University of Kentucky Threatens to Sue Kentucky Mist Moonshine Over the Word “Kentucky”

The University of Kentucky threatened to sue Kentucky Mist Moonshine for using the word “Kentucky” on its clothing, reports The Lexington Herald-Leader. The University sent the distillery a letter claiming it had trademarked the word “Kentucky” on clothing since 1997. Kentucky Mist Moonshine responded by filing a lawsuit to invalidate the university’s trademark. Read more at … [ Read more]

Q & A: Jaime Joyce on Moonshine

We usually think of bourbon whiskey as the true American spirit. But long before Pappy Van Winkle was mellowing in oak casks, it was moonshine that largely began America’s tumultuous relationship with liquor. That’s the story from author Jaime Joyce’s newly released work Moonshine: A Cultural History of America’s Infamous Liquor [2014, Zenith Press]. The book is … [ Read more]

Local Booze Debut: 11 Wells (Open house Saturday, June 21st)

By John Garland UPDATE: Friday, June 6th: We’ve just received word from 11 Wells that the open house will not be happening this Saturday as first announced. It has been rescheduled for Saturday, June 21st, from noon to 4pm. They decided another two weeks was in order to get their distillery in open house-worthy shape. Minnesota 13 … [ Read more]

Loon Liquors Releasing Loonshine This Weekend

By John Garland Loon Liquors of Northfield is set to debut their first product. Nearly a year and a half after their Indiegogo fundraiser went live, their un-aged whiskey, Loonshine, will hit bars and shelves this weekend. The spirit is made from organic wheat and barley, concentrated in a small copper pot still, and steeped for a … [ Read more]