Gearing Up for the Hunt: Q&A with the authors of “Untamed Mushrooms”

In culinary circles, mushroom hunting is a serious business. In Russia, it’s a favorite pastime; in France, it’s called la chasse aux champignons, and it’s something of a national mania. The appeal is simple: It’s a chance to harvest beautiful, delicious, commercially expensive gifts from nature, step up your cooking game, and commune with nature … [ Read more]

Out of the woods: Mississippi Mushrooms is growing exotic fungus in the heart of the city

Driving through the 50-acre Upper Harbor Terminal, located along the Mississippi River in North Minneapolis, is a navigational adventure that flusters the GPS and makes one’s car feel miniscule among the semi trucks and Caterpillar machinery. But this is the route to the Barge Terminal Building, where Mississippi Mushrooms, purveyors of the exotic mushrooms that … [ Read more]

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The Caves of Mushroom Valley

According to the boast, it was the mushroom capital of the Midwest. “Mushroom Valley” was the informal name for several miles of the Mississippi River gorge in St. Paul, including what are now Plato, Water, and Joy Streets. The mushrooms were grown in the more than 50 caves dug out of the soft St. Peter … [ Read more]

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