Day Block’s Bands that Brew: The Lone Crows

Day Block Brewing takes the relationship between music and beer one step further by making the musicians the brewers It’s no secret that we at The Growler believe wholeheartedly that beer and music go hand in hand. So when we heard about the Bands That Brew series at Day Block Brewing Company, we wanted to … [ Read more]

Beer Wrote This Song: A Brief History of a Match Made in Heaven

“Whiskey’s too rough, champagne costs too much, and vodka puts my mouth in gear.” – Tom T. Hall, “I Like Beer” Like old friends who met young, beer and music are inextricably linked. At the dawn of civilization, those proto-hipster Sumerians honored their goddess of brewing with a hymn that doubled as a recipe (sample … [ Read more]

Schell’s and 89.3 The Current to release exclusive beer in May

August Schell Brewing Company, Minnesota’s oldest family-owned brewery, and 89.3 The Current, Minnesota’s go-to radio station  to hear local, independent, and alternative music, are teaming up on an exclusive beer and music partnership kicking off this May. Schell’s is brewing up a special co-branded beer with The Current, which will release downloadable music tracks from … [ Read more]