Craft Cocktail: God Save The Queen at Nightingale

When you’ve met as many bartenders as I have (on purely journalistic endeavors, mind you, or at least that’s the story I’m going with), you start to notice where they hang out after their shifts. One prime locale for the late-night industry crowd is Nightingale, the sleek and cozy Lyndale Avenue hangout where you might … [ Read more]

The Late Show: A Week of Midnight Meals in Minneapolis

Photos by Daniel Murphy Thursday – 10:30pm Nighthawks • kitchen until midnight, Mon–Sat A cook sits at the bar and eats a cheeseburger. His name is Russ. He first came to 38th Street, in South Minneapolis, looking for a job. When he walked into Nighthawks, Landon Schoenefeld said, “Show me what you got.” Russ made potatoes, … [ Read more]

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No Gluten, No Problem

Nightingale and Sociable Cider Werks team up for a gluten-free spring dinner Photos by Ellen Burkhardt Gluten has surfaced as Public Enemy No. One in the nutrition world in recent years. From added allergy labels to full-out gluten-free restaurants, awareness of the pesky protein has grown immensely. That’s meant more (and better) dining options for … [ Read more]

Spring Delights: A Pairing Dinner with Boom Island and Nightingale

During one of the last, ridiculous, trying snowstorms of April, a group of diners found shelter in the cozy confines of Nightingale. With the shades pulled down to block the wintery view of Lyndale Avenue, attention turned to the glorious promises of spring. These winter-worn foodies had come to enjoy the fruits of a partnership between … [ Read more]

Chocolate Pot du Creme with Boom Island Hoodoo at Nightingale

Food Meets Beer Finds a New Nosh in Nightingale By James Norton, The Heavy Table Photos by Jamie Schumacher The name “Nightingale” is something of a fluke, says co-owner Carrie McCabe-Johnston—she’s a bit embarrassed to say that she doesn’t quite know how she and her husband, Jasha Johnston, came up with it. But it’s apparent … [ Read more]