Resurrecting the Country Bar

The Country Bar is dead. Long live the Country Bar. Some have bemoaned the conversion of the grody dive into a more polished hangout—yet another victim of the suburb-ification of Uptown Minneapolis. But the redux of the infamous Country Bar isn’t trying to put on airs, despite the temerity of serving—gasp—barrel-aged cocktails. The space received a desperately needed … [ Read more]

The Nomad World Pub Turns 10

The Nomad World Pub on Minneapolis’ West Bank has a special place in our hearts. Seldom does a place elicit such strong feelings of love and hate simultaneously. We love spending time there (but we often hate ourselves for it). From Stupor Bowl stops and annual St. Patty’s “Pee Parties,” Jug Band Competitions to mint juleps … [ Read more]

A Look Back: The Growler Celebrates 2 Years in Print

Two years is a long time. It takes less time for Mars to make a full orbit of the sun. Here’s some perspective: when we started printing The Growler, people weren’t yet sick of Gotye. In the last two years, we’ve seen laws change, breweries grow and multiply, and craft-everything explode in new and exciting … [ Read more]

The Mill: 612Brew Day and Charitable Drinking

The Mill is feeling content with long nights, cribbage marathons and the occasional Hamm’s. Don’t forget to hop on the Green Line this weekend and support some construction-plagued businesses. We sure plan to, and we’ll update you as we do. Events: Mayor Hodges will declare this Thursday “SIX ONE TWO BREW DAY” in the city … [ Read more]

16 Signs of Spring in the Twin Cities

By Joseph Alton and Grace Sell Who in their right mind isn’t losing it as we find ourselves still held fast in winter’s seemingly unending grip? As impossible as it may seem to imagine at the present moment, time will march on, and daffodils will soon supplant the snow drifts.  And if there is anything … [ Read more]

Flipping It on Dessa

Notables at the Nomad Puts Dessa in the Hot Seat By Gabriel Douglas Photography by Brian Kaufenberg Dessa. She is an artist. She is a wordsmith. She is in a hip-hop collective called Doomtree. She hosts a TPT & MN Original TV show called The Lowertown Line. She’s into hoop earrings. She’s reading poets you will learn … [ Read more]