In the Loop: The new North Loop Galley is at the forefront of bleeding-edge dining trends—and that’s a good thing

When I first learned of the concept behind the newly opened North Loop Galley food court, I took it for granted that soul and authenticity—however those two slippery terms are defined—weren’t going to be part of the package deal.  The North Loop Galley space was opened by the national Galley Group in late 2019, and … [ Read more]

Bite of the Week: The Luau Bowl at Ono Hawaiian Plates

Bite of the Week is a weekly feature showcasing an exceptional meal or dish, curated by The Growler. The newly opened sleek and chic North Loop Galley may offer only four different dining concepts for its guests, but they are so varied—and so creative—that most diners will find something to enjoy amongst the offerings. Case in … [ Read more]