Big Beer buys Northern Brewer

Roseville-based Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply, the largest homebrewing supplier in the country, and its sister company Midwest Supplies have been acquired by a venture capital arm of Anheuser-Busch InBev. The Growler first caught wind of a potential acquisition from a tip pointing us a homebrew forum last week. Since then, Beer Marketer’s Insights has reported that Northern has “partnered” with ZX Ventures, a … [ Read more]

Win Dad’s Day with The Growler’s Gift Guide

Father’s Day is a week from Sunday, and there may not be a harder holiday for shopping. Dads are famously self-reliant. They’re dads—they’ve already taken care of everything! So what do you get the man who usually gets everything himself? How about a chance to maneuver a 26-ton excavator? How about a bike trip between … [ Read more]

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How yeast works: A layperson’s guide to saccharomyces

Barley, wheat, rye, hop cones, and hop pellets all have immediately tangible, readily identifiable qualities. You can inspect a jar of these raw materials on a brewery tour and instantly get a good idea of what and how they contribute to your beer. Yeast, on the other hand, is mysterious and intangible. While the brewer … [ Read more]

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Northern Brewer and Pints for Prostates team up to promote men’s health

Northern Brewer and nonprofit group Pints for Prostates have partnered and are using a new homebrewing kit to raise awareness of prostate cancer and help those affected by the disease. Homebrew Strong combines Northern Brewer’s customary Belgian Golden Strong Ale with the powerful antioxidant properties of green tea. The beer will benefit both those who brew … [ Read more]

Ditch the green beer & brew your own this St. Patrick’s Day

If green beer isn’t your thing (and let’s be real, is it really anyone’s thing?), our friends at Northern Brewer have a different idea for your St. Patrick’s Day: brew your own traditional Irish beer. The malty, deep copper-red colored Irish Red Ale is Northern Brewer’s best-selling recipe kit, or if you like something a … [ Read more]

Homebrew with experimental hop, help fight ALS

Northern Brewer’s new homebrew kit, The Luckiest Man Pale Ale, is a beer on a mission. For every kit sold, Northern Brewer will donate $10.50 toward research aimed at finding a permanent cure for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The name of the beer is a nod to Gehrig’s famous “luckiest man on the face of the Earth” … [ Read more]

Ale to the Chief: Presidential Homebrew

Homebrewing is happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Yes, the White House! What is unique is that this is the first documented account of beer actually being brewed inside the White House. The bubbling of airlocks started last year when President Barack Obama purchased (with his own money) a homebrewing kit for the kitchen staff to … [ Read more]

A Heart to Heart with Lift Bridge Brewing’s Matt Hall

By Brian Kaufenberg Photos by Aaron Davidson Name:  Matt Hall Hometown: Saint Paul Works at: Lift Bridge Turn-Ons: Aloha, and having a beer on the bedroom deck with my wife. Turn-Offs: Those small wooden spoons you get with single serve ice cream cups. The Growler: First off, did Lift Bridge ever get the planter that … [ Read more]

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Brew Outside the Lines

by Northern Brewer Homebrewers break the boundaries of flavor with spices, herbs, oak and other additions. One of the greatest joys of making your own beer at home is the freedom it affords you to experiment. There are no limits to what you can (or can’t) do with your beer. You want to toss some … [ Read more]

Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Readers’ Choice Award Winners 2012

  We know you have been eagerly awaiting the results of our Kind-Of-A-Big-Deal poll. We collected thousands of votes online in October and November and are excited to share the winners with you. Minnesota’s growing craft beer scene would not be possible without the work of these brands and individuals, as well as your appreciation and … [ Read more]

Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival 2013 Tickets on sale now!

  Its getting to be that time of year again. Minnesotans are packing the pantries and stocking the cellars for The Great State Hibernation. Rest comfortably, Dabblers. There will be time (and reason) to shake off the cobwebs come January. The Beer Dabbler, this magazine’s parent company, is gearing up to host its Fourth Annual … [ Read more]

Beer On Tap… At Home!

By Northern Brewer Welcome to the Brewer’s Corner! As homebrewers, we are passionate not only about the beer and the brewing process, but the stories behind them. Here, you’ll find stories about brewing, recipes, equipment, and advice for the brewer or non-brewer alike. In this issue, we guide you through building your own keezer/keggerator. Building … [ Read more]

Shared Love: How craft brewers and homebrewers just can’t live without each other

The golden age is right now. With the highest number of breweries in over a century and an embarrassment of riches in terms of quality and selection, there has never been a better time to be a cerevisaphile in America.