Forager Brewery launching new beer brand Humble Forager for distribution

Since opening in 2015, the only way to get your hands on Forager Brewery’s beer has been to visit the Rochester brewpub. But soon the brewery’s beers will be distributed under a new beer brand set to launch in early 2020—Humble Forager Brewery. Humble Forager Brewery will use recipes developed at Forager Brewery to produce … [ Read more]

Will You Brew My Beer?

The once maligned practice of contract brewing is on the rise—and no one seems to care. Aswift-moving forklift pulls pallet after pallet of canned beer from a large cooler and loads them methodically into a trailer truck destined for a distributor. The beer was brewed with the best ingredients to meet detailed specifications of ABV, … [ Read more]

Minnesota’s first beer is coming back

In 1848, ten years before Minnesota would become a state, Anthony Yoerg was brewing beer and cold-fermenting it in caves along the Mississippi River near what would eventually become St. Paul. Today, more than 165 years later, Yoerg Beer is coming back. The people behind the comeback are Thomas Keim and Carole Minogue. When Keim was 10 … [ Read more]