The Next Phase In Local Craft Beer: Homegrown Hops

For the casual craft beer drinker in Minnesota, supporting local breweries usually means frequenting area taprooms and buying Minnesota-made beer at the liquor store. But with the increasing availability of locally grown brewing ingredients such as hops, the next step in the craft movement involves seeking out beers that go one step further and use ingredients harvested as close … [ Read more]

Two businesses partner with the Jimmy C. Jensen Youth in Music Scholarship to support at-risk youth

Myra Jensen created the Jimmy C. Jensen Youth in Music Scholarship to provide music lessons to school age students that have the passion to play a musical instrument, but do not otherwise have the opportunity or financial means to do so. And now, two organizations have chipped in to help the effort. First up, Spark Music Studio partnered with … [ Read more]

Spilled Grain Brewhouse wants you to get ‘Outside the Loop’

Before Indeed, before Surly, before Summit’s Mark Stutrud was but a twinkle in his father’s eye, back when August Schell himself was alive and in his heyday, nearly every town in pre-Prohibition Minnesota had its own brewery. And now in the days of the craft beer boom that history is repeating itself. More than 115 … [ Read more]

Now Open: OMNI Brewing Company

“Omni” means “all” or “of all things.” Through both its beers and the atmosphere of its taproom, OMNI Brewing Company intends to live up to its name—to be a place where both craft beer connoisseurs and relative newbies can find beer they’ll enjoy while having a good time. This desire to make approachable beers as … [ Read more]

Talking shop: Start-up breweries seek help from those who paved the trail

Brewing, sharing, and drinking beer seem like pretty great perks of starting a brewery. But breweries need to have more than just great beer to survive. They need a business plan, financing, contractors, the right licenses and approvals—the list goes on and on. While doing one’s homework and research before starting a business is always a … [ Read more]