GMO vs. Organic

Could they learn to work together? A growing population—and a changing climate—may demand it. Pamela Ronald and Raoul Adamchak are an unconventional couple. He’s an organic farmer; she develops genetically engineered crops. Sometimes the discussion among their friends and colleagues at dinner parties turns tense. After all, organic farming types and advocates of genetic engineering have … [ Read more]

What’s in a label? Decoding food claims, from natural to non-GMO

Transparency. It’s the new buzzword among consumers demanding to know what’s in their food and brands showing off their ever-shortening lists of ingredients. Packages are dotted with more stamps and badges than ever, but that doesn’t mean the average shopper truly gets a clear idea of how their food was made.  “A stamp on your … [ Read more]

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Is Organic Craft Beer Here To Stay?

In the current climate of GMO labeling issues, waning biodiversity, and increasing efforts for more transparency in food and drink, it should be no surprise that the organic movement has come to craft beer. Sourcing organic hops and malt can add up to 40% to a brewer’s cost of ingredients (aside from the time and effort … [ Read more]