Dale’s Pale Ale goes Broncos blue and orange

[email protected] pirates took over #oskarblues ship & 100k #blueandorange#dpa cans r in Colorado market.#tastyweaselpic.twitter.com/9JZ1dRFNZj — Oskar Blues Brewery (@oskarblues) February 17, 2016 Oskar Blues announced on Twitter today that it changed 100,000 of its iconic Dale’s Pale Ale cans from red and blue to orange and blue in celebration of the Broncos’ Super Bowl 50 win. You … [ Read more]

Oskar Blues ships 50,000 cans of water to Flint, Michigan

Oskar Blues Brewing posted on its Facebook page that it is shipping 50,000 cans of fresh water to Flint, Michigan, in an effort to help relieve the city’s clean-water shortage. For more than a year, water drawn from the Flint River leached lead from old lines into homes after the city switched its drinking water. Flint has … [ Read more]