Bite of the Week: The Pho and Ramen Bar at Kowalski’s on Hennepin

If you’re not innovating, you’re dying. God bless all the grocery stores that keep trying to push those margins a little bit by expanding into new products, services, and hot food offerings—it’s that kind of thinking that brought us the surprisingly good sushi at Hy-Vee, among other things. (It’s also brought us surprisingly bad sushi … [ Read more]

Bite of the Week: Pho’s heartier, lesser-known cousin, Bún bò Huế, at Co Tu

Co Tu is refreshingly simple. Tucked in a Bloomington strip mall with a leather shop and a liquor store, they don’t pull you in with gimmicks—they just make good food. With an intoxicating aroma and only a handful of tables, eating here feels like you have discovered a secret treasure, because you have. Bún bò … [ Read more]

Bite of the Week: Beef Pho at Pho Lodge

Bite of the Week is a weekly feature showcasing an exceptional meal or dish, curated by The Growler. It’s highly likely that Maplewood’s Pho Lodge is the only restaurant in Minnesota that features housemade bowls of pho and taxidermied squirrels on the walls. In fact, it’s entirely possible that Pho Lodge is the only restaurant worldwide that … [ Read more]