Great Lakes 25th Anniversary IPL

Great Lakes Brewing Company ABV: 7.5%, IBU: 50 In the glass, it appears as most IPAs do: amber, with a bit of haze. The aroma is unmistakable as that of a huge pilsner such as Odell Brewing’s Double Pilsner with a touch of pine. To the taste, this one was bready, woody, with hints of … [ Read more]

Lift Bridge Hop Dish IPA

Lift Bridge Brewing Company ABV: 7.5%, IBU: 70 IBU With a nose in the glass, we were welcomed with huge piney fruit scents, apricots, and a minor floral aroma. Lift Bridge Hop Dish IPA is rich copper in color. On the tongue Hop Dish is bold with a degree of sweetness up front followed by a welcomed, … [ Read more]

Blue Blood All Hopped Up IPA

Blue Blood Brewing Company ABV: 7% Blue Blood All Hopped Up IPA one pours a deep amber in color. Mellow notes of citrus are evident upon first sniff. In general, the aroma is quite soft and welcoming. The first gulp unleashes a malty beast of a beer followed by huge bitterness that’s almost smoky. As it … [ Read more]

Lake Superior Deep Water Black IPA

Lake Superior Brewing Company ABV: 10.3% Uncapped, Lake Superior Brewing Company Deep Water Black IPA is nothing short of black in color. As it pours, a sustainable, creamy head grabs hold of the walls of the glass and never lets go. It smells a bit sweet, possibly caramel, chocolate, and coffee. Further assessment found us pondering a … [ Read more]

Deschutes Obsidian Stout

Deschutes Brewery ABV: 6.4%, IBU: 55 The transfer from bottle to the glass was similar to changing motor oil. Deschutes Obsidian Stout is black as the night and noticeably thick. A rich, dark head follows the pour. The aroma is huge; complex. Licorice, anise, coffee, espresso, vanilla, and roasted/smoked malt are all unmistakable in this one. The … [ Read more]