The Next Phase In Local Craft Beer: Homegrown Hops

For the casual craft beer drinker in Minnesota, supporting local breweries usually means frequenting area taprooms and buying Minnesota-made beer at the liquor store. But with the increasing availability of locally grown brewing ingredients such as hops, the next step in the craft movement involves seeking out beers that go one step further and use ingredients harvested as close … [ Read more]

Pitchfork Brewing’s Vanilla Rose Imperial Porter coming back this November

Pitchfork Brewing’s Vanilla Rose Imperial Porter will return this November. Being brewed Tuesday, August 16, owner-brewer Mike Fredricksen expects to release the seasonal on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, keeping with last year’s schedule. The imperial porter is first brewed as a high gravity English-style porter and is then pitched again with a Trappist yeast and 30 pounds of local … [ Read more]