Review: Naan pizza and a novel recipe for success at Pizza Karma

Even the best restaurant is only as good as its bottom line. The freshest ingredients, the warmest hospitality, and the tastiest food can’t sustain a place that’s burdened by a budget that’s underwater. (For example, the closure three years ago of the stunningly ambitious Brasserie Zentral in Minneapolis, one of the best restaurants you probably … [ Read more]

The Fast and the Flavorful: 5 rapid, high-impact office lunch spots

Quick: It’s Wednesday, it’s noon, and your six-person team wants to bounce off campus and grab something inspiring for lunch. Where do you go? The challenge, of course, is a balancing act. You want food that’s fast enough to accommodate a 30-minute lunch “hour,” but you also want flavors that are big and bold. You … [ Read more]

Order Up! The latest restaurant openings, closings, and future openings

Updated January 3, 2019 Order Up! is the Growler’s ongoing biweekly account of noteworthy Minnesota restaurant openings, closings, and future openings. Please send any tips to [email protected] All dates are approximate based on best information available; opening dates, in particular, tend to shift around a lot. THIS WEEK’S GIST: A couple of jumbo-sized closings in Minneapolis … [ Read more]